RSCDS Cheltenham

A branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society


Next Event:

RSCDS Cheltenham Day School

21st May 2022  Social Dance 7.30-10.30pm


The Reddings Community Hall, GL51 6RF






Scottish Country Dancing for Friendship, Fun and Fitness
Scottish Dancing for Friendship Fun and Fitness
Scottish Dancing for Friendship Fun and Fitness

Becoming a Member 

You do not have to be a member to attend classes or any of our events but we do hope that if you are enjoying our style of dancing that you will beome a member of RSCDS Cheltenham.


New members are asked to join in their 2nd term of classes and this usually involves paying half the current membership cost

(In 2020 this was £12.00).


Why become a member?

By joining RSCDS Cheltenham you will be joining the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, a worldwide community of dancers. The Society has 159 Branches and 300 affiliated groups in every continent except Antartica. The Society does an amazing job of supporting and developing Scottish Dancing and Music. As well as running teachers and musicians workshops and training courses the Summer and Winter Schools are very popular with dancers of all abilities. These are an opportunity to dance with dancers from all over the world.



A smaller proportion of your joining fee is used for the admin of the branch. The cost of classes and social events are covered by the weekly class fees and entrance (or ticket) price.



More than a dancing group

Although we come together because we like Scottish Country Dancing we often find we have other interests in common such as walking and there is also the possibility of travelling together to dancing weekends as well as summer and winter schools and we just enjoy the friendships created.